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 a story about me and how this site came and everything

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PostSubject: a story about me and how this site came and everything    Tue May 21, 2013 8:44 pm

"Well this might be my last post here I just wanted to say a few things I just spent a few minutes reviewing the forum all I can say is sorry I remember back to the day when I first joined it nice I mean people posted had a good time it was pretty active and I like it you know I was a big Star Wars fan so it was fun here I remember when I first got rank test said " welcome to the big boy chair " I was so happy I had some ideas that I thought would really help so after I got to work I noticed test came on every now and then. When I changed up the form test liked I liked it but I noticed a small decrease in members but other then that things were good so I made moe ranks an put up a post for people to be staff and we had some new members really active posters people that ill never forget. Then people who were here in the past stop day I wanted to work on a banner and test......gave me admin rank and left the site in my hands he came on after that like every month or so then stop showing up...... Then poeple stop post as if nothing to talk about..... I tried post to keep it active my posting goes up to 1200 post but it didn't matter.... Even with new mods the site was over............;( I am sorry guy this was the first place I ever got rank from someone I never meet so far it's been the only place not even on minecraft servers I get rank ;( .........This might post so I just though I tell you guys everything I hope you get this message bye guys your admin on living legends FALCON7841" that was my lastest post on living legends when I saw there might not be any hope for living legends I made this site in hopes for a fresh start. This message some of you may have seen "Blackfalcon's last stand

I think am callin it quits. I mean for the past 9 months I have been running LL and now gu I spent weeks hours TRYIN to keep the sites active LL will keep on getting new members because test (real owner of LL) also know as Neon made vids on YouTube I just wanted LL to have a new start because of the amount of topics and post LL goin to have over 1000 members soon and over 5000 post but when people join LL they never come back over 700 members with no post. Every one said LL need a clean up but that's like trying to clean a bath floor with a tooth pick!!!!!! So I made a new site GAMERS UNITED at first everyone loved the site then people stop posting when I stop posting the site as over 1000 post over 500 by me -__- it turns out after telling people to move from LL to GU only 3 people moved -__- GU only has 22 members then ace700 the guy who was TRYIN to help the site turns in to a jerk and makes his own site and steals more then half my of my members. Right now I don't now what to do so I put the site in construction. I don't now if I should shut it down or keep it.

But one Thing is for sure is I am the Blackfalcon one and only always have been always will be when you see this name you will know its me. I am still at the top and will always be a elite gamer I may leave all the sites I joined but I will still be a gamer a elite one not a noob and jerk like some people I know (Ace700) the Blackfalcon will live on in the shadows you guys will see me again on vidoe games. And go show other sites this message and let them now who I am because I am and always will be BLACKFALCON. Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool" I guess this is it I an throwing in the towel I give up and I am sorry feel free to reply but if not well bye guys. ;(

GAME CENTER ID: shadows moon
ES NAME: Blackfalcon_739179
RS NAME: blackfalcon_8641

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a story about me and how this site came and everything
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